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 Academy "X" Rules

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PostSubject: Academy "X" Rules   Sun Mar 17, 2013 9:40 am

Last Updated on March 17, 2013 by Zerikk

1.0 ACTIVITY is a highly valued factor of the progression of Academy X. This includes participating in {AX} Tournaments, Events, Games, and everything else we have to offer. Consistent inactivity will result in a demotion and/or loss of items.(Gold Coins, Awards, and Reputation.)

2.0 Do not SPAM. The following is considered spam:
Quote :
2.1 Posting single-worded messages such as "wtf?", "ok", etc without any reason to do so.
2.2 Posting irrelevant content on topics which is has nothing to do with.
2.3 Double posting. This means posting on a topic without a 24 hour time period between each post.
2.4 Necro posting(Reviving a post that has gone 20 days or more since it's last reply unless you are bumping it for something useful.)
2.5 Use of foul language.
2.6 Using special characters to bypass the censors to replace characters within a word, such as "4$$", "H03", "B1TCH", etc.
2.7 Using any language other than English within your posts.
2.8 Using all capital letters within a post.

3.0 Show RESPECT to all staff and members. If you have any complaints, please report it to an admin or a moderator.

4.0 No mini-modding. Attempting to act as a staff personnel will result in a punish accordingly and a warning point.

5.0 No ADVERTISING. If you are caught advertising content unrelated to Academy X and its content, you will be banned on sight. If you would like to become affiliated with Academy X, please contact an administrator.

6.0 Signature's Maximum size is 500x400.
- Your Signature may contain ONLY 2 images besides from userbars.
- You may advertise through your signature (all content displayed in your Signature must be appropriate, administration may and will remove any inappropriate content).

7.0 We are not responsible for any offenses committed outside of Academy X. Users who commit offenses within Academy X grounds will be punished accordingly.

8.0 Copyright Law. You may not use any content or material without the rightful owner's permission.

9.0 Chatbox Rules. The following is not allowed:
9.1 - Usage of inappropriate language bypassing the censors (this includes using all variants of using numbers or Special Characters which replace letters in every way - such as b1tch or n1gg3r)
9.2 - Posting illegal or sexually explicit content with or without malicious intent
9.3 - Using other language than English in your posts.
9.4 - Arguing with other members no matter who is guilty.
9.5 - Harassing other members.
9.6 - Advertising.
9.7 - Disrespecting Chat Moderators.
9.8 - Posting excessively large images without using spoiler tags and explicitely warning other users about the over-size of the image(s).

1st Warning: We only issue one free warning. Nothing will happen at this point, but be warned.
2nd Warning: We will take half of your gold coins.
3rd Warning: You will be both banned for 2 days and will have your Rank lowered to Slifer as well as having ALL of your gold coins, reputation, and rewards taken away.
4th Warning: You will be banned for 7 days; ability to participate in the next Tournament(s) taken away.
5th Warning: IP BAN
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Academy "X" Rules

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