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 Academy X's Starter Guide

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PostSubject: Academy X's Starter Guide   Sat Jan 19, 2013 8:13 pm

Academy X's Starter Guide

- About us
Academy X is a Yu-Gi-Oh fan-based forum. Unlike other academies, we do not base our academy off of Yu-Gi-Oh anime series. Our main goal here at Academy X is to give a great experience of dueling, fun, and friends. By joining Academy X, you will be entering a new realm of Yu-Gi-Oh online academies. You will learn more about the game, make new friends, and compete against the best of other academies. We offer things such as tournaments, graphics, articles, and professional tips. Have fun and get your game on!

- Our History

Academy X is a forum based Yu-Gi-Oh fan site. Unlike other academies, Academy X is not based on the Yu-Gi-Oh series. Instead, we are based off of a more secretive and mysterious theme. Since back when Academy X was first opened in 2010, we have adapted to and brought new ideas to the academy. We offer more and follow the latest Yu-Gi-Oh standards such as the Dueling Network online dueling system as well as the new YGOPro.

- Dorm Placement

As you may have already noticed, you were placed into the Slifer Red Dorm upon registration. This is because instead of the usual exam and dorm placement, we use a more advanced and enjoyable dorm placement system. You must meet certain standards in order to move up into a higher dorm. From Slifer Red to Ra Yellow you must win a few tournaments and compete in special events. To move from Ra Yellow to Obelisk Blue you must win a minimum of 5 tournaments and compete in dorm wars. Dorm X is an invite only dorm. The only way to be placed into this dorm is by winning our biggest event, the Academy X Yu-Gi-Oh Championship Series(YCS).

- Posting Rules

This place is a forum which means all we do here, we do it with posting things in correct sections. While you wait for replies in your Introduction topic, check all sections in our forum so that when you post, you do it in right place. We are looking for activity from our members, so would like for everyone to be active and post in topics where they feel they can give an answer, or just discuss things. There are a lot of ways to raise your post count, the easiest is OFF-TOPIC section. You may post anything and everything that is not related to Yu-Gi-Oh here as long as it is appropriate. However, you may want to avoid posting in inactive topics, for this can be considered spam and you could get in trouble for it.

- Points System

This is one common thing that relates Academy X to other academies, but our points system differs from most, instead of the usual Duel Points system, we use a system called Gold Coins! You may use these coins however you like. You can use them to purchase things you are interested in as well as other various items. When you register you start with 100 coins. You can earn coins in several ways. Winning matches in the Colosseum, Completing lessons, and winning special events and games. There are also special occasions where you can earn a high amount of coins. These are usually through our special tournaments and events.

- Dueling Systems

Dueling Systems are online programs on which we play YGO. Academy X is not limited to one dueling system. We use all systems available, mostly those which are free. Most popular are DN (Dueling Network), KCVDS (Kaiba Corp Virtual Dueling System), YVD (Yu-Gi-Oh! Virtual Desktop), JP (J_Project), DMG (Duel Monsters Genesis) and YGOPro (still in development phase). You can Google all of these systems for more information. System which is best to use is DUELING NETWORK. Everyone uses it and we use it as our main dueling system too. If you do not have account registered there, you can simply and quickly sign-up and play immediately. For more information look for their support.

- Communication

Communication between our members is one of the most important factors here. Besides posting in the forum and Private Messaging, Academy X has a public chat room where all members are able to communicate and get to know each other. This chatroom can be found at the lower right hand corner of every forum page. Just click on it and it will expand. Once expanded you must click "Log In" to chat with the rest of the community. There are also options where you can modify width, sounds, and text to your liking.

Those are the basics of Academy X that you need to know to help you better understand how we work.

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Academy X's Starter Guide
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